MONOPROP is a gas releaser used to conserve seed / corn in closed drums or large tubs,the gas released stops mould and fungi growth and therefore inhibits toxic Aflatoxins which are always generated if the seed / corn contains fungi.


The gas released contains Propionic acid and Verxite,the product has a strong smell as a concentrate but when mixed with seed / corn it soon disapears. Add approx 5cc (half a cup) per 25kg of corn / seed mix into top 3rd of seed / corn and close lid,feed after 24 hours.Monoprop will also kill any fodder mite, beatles,moths etc contained within the seed / corn. We use this product ourselves after buying a contaminated bag of seed, wash hands after mixing. Monoprop is used throughout agriculture here in the UK, Unfortunatly it is not used much in some of the countries where our seed and corn is imported from 1kg will treat 1 ton of seed.


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