Our Bird Professionals

Our Professionals    

HARRY HOCKADAY IS A HIGHLY RESPECTED Champion Exhibition Budgerigar Breeder and Judge, we approached Harry in 2014 with veiw to him trialing some of our product range. A.I.L, AMINOVIMIN (Breeding Booster ) CALCIFORM, Megabac, MIL-BAN, IMMUNITY PLUS (GOLD) + Probiotics were amongst some of the products used.

Harrys breeding season went with what can only be described as a bang, over 200 chicks raised from 28 pairs, and if it were not for a house move it could have been more !!  In Harrys own words Quote "MY BEST BREEDING SEASON SO FAR", Should you need any advice about our products or bird health, please feel free to contact ourselves or Harry.