Cage Bird Minerals 500gm


Minerals play a very important role in the well being of your birds, BirdPro minerals go one better and contain all the important minerals / trace elements / vitamins and amino acids as well as Activated Charcoal to aid digestion.


BirdPro Minerals should be offered throughout the year in finger draws or can be added to softfood / seed / corn. BirdPro Minerals are suitable for all birds, and this feed compared to normal seed diets contains a higher content of vitamins and trace elements.

feed 10g ( 1 level desertspoon ) to 1kg of feed = small birds or 20g ( 1 heaped spoon ) to 1kg of feed for larger birds eg Pigeons or place in small dishes / finger draws and allow free access.

Analytical constituents 30.0% Calcium 5.3% Ash insoluble, 5.0% Phosphor, 2.0% Lysine, 1.5% Sodium, 5.0% Activated Charcoal.

Additives per Kg Nutritional additives: 30000 iE, Vitamin D3 (E671) 2000mg vitamin E vitamin B12 Manganese (E5) as manganese-(11)-oxide, 1300mg Zinc (E6) as Zinc oxide, 800mg Iron (E1) as Iron-(11)- sulphate, monohydrate, 195mg Copper jodate, anhydrous, 10mg Cobalt (E3) as alkaline cobalt-(11)-carbonate monohydrate, 5mg Selenium (E8) as sodium selenite.


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