GROG Megabacteria control.


FORMULATED BY? Dr. Coutteel? AVIAN VET?GROG NEW,?Coccidiosis, Atoxoplasmosis, Megabacteria and Black Spot


During the breeding period, a very important aspect is the prevention of some important diseases.

There are certain very common diseases, which are relatively simple to fight: Coccidiosis, atoxoplasmosis, trichomoniasis … But there is another group of diseases, viral and fungal, which are very complicated to fight and which are usually the cause of a high percentage of deaths among them. chicks We refer mainly to the disease of The Black Spot and Megabacteria.

For years, breeders around the world have been using Grog, one of Dr. Coutteel’s most famous and effective remedies.Now Dr. Coutteel in collaboration with Pantex, have improved and evolved Grog to another level: Grog New.
Prevention is always better than the cure and cost of expensive antibiotics.

Why use it
? Prevention of the different types of coccidiosis and atoxoplasmosis.
? Prevention of common bacterial infections in young birds during their growth
? Important support in the prevention of Megabacteria and the disease of Black Spot

How to administer Grog New
Birds can be given given this product as part of the build up in breeding preparation.
The treatment with Grog New should begin 1 week before the chicks are born and continue throughout the breeding until weaning. Only then can you protect the birds during growth. Grog New is administered mixed in food (20gr per 1 kg of eggfood)

Why use Grog New
? Helps prevent and reduces mortality in the nest of birds during the first week of life.
? Prevents diarrhea caused by bacteria.
? Suitable for canaries, finches, small pustules and pigeons

Format: – 1 kg


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